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International taxation includes the involvement of tax on a person or a business subject to the tax laws of different countries or the international aspects of an individual country's tax laws, as appropriate.

International taxation services

This area of tax is most relevant to companies, businesses, internationally mobile employees and other individuals that operate in multiple countries and who are sometimes taxed in two (or even more countries). This aspect of double (or multiple) taxation imposes an unnecessary tax burden and can be a disincentive to operate globally.

We have expertise in ensuring that you and / or your business avails of opportunities that eliminate (or at least minimise) your exposure to double (or multiple) tax burden. Our knowledge and expertise of double tax treaties between different countries allows us to ensure that our clients do not pay unnecessary tax in multiple tax jurisdictions.

If you are considering business expansion overseas, then we can also provide our expert advise on how to best structure or reorganise your business, i.e. whether through an overseas branch of your existing business or via an overseas subsidiary or variations of these in multiple overseas locations involving tax favourable regimes.

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